Alpha Dune

Proposal Types, Stages & Quorum

Types of Alpha Dune Proposals (ADPs)

Alpha Dune Proposals (ADPs) represent the main category under which members can submit proposals.
Proposal Type
ADP: Structure Proposal
Changes to the underlying governance mechanism
ADP: Governance Proposal
Proposal that falls in the scope of governance
Other ADPs
Changes that are not explicitly stated under the current format

Stages of Alpha Dune Proposals (ADPs)

Stage 0
Draft idea
Ideas proposed by stakeholders
Stage 1
Formal ADP Submission
Formalized submission
Stage 2
ADP Voting
Community voting process

Voting Quorum

The following quorum needs to be achieved in order for a proposal in the listed category to pass the voting stage.
Proposal Type
ADP: Structure Proposal
10 billion DUNE
ADP: Governance Proposal
1 billion DUNE
Other ADPs
10 billion DUNE

Transition Between Each Stage

During Stage 0, our aim is to foster as many valuable ideas from the community as possible. With the help of the Alpha Dune guardians, we can measure the interest that each proposed idea has from the community.
If the proposed idea gathers enough traction from the community, it will move to Stage 1 where the proposal will become formalized and there will be an overview on how to balance the ends and means of that proposal. During this stage, the community interest in the proposal needs to be maintained.
If the proposal is formalized and the community interest is maintained, the submission will go to a governance vote where the stakeholders will decide on the future of the proposal.