Alpha Dune

Scope of Governance

The following domains are under governance of Alpha Dune DAO

  • Governance processes: Alpha Dune DAO defines and implements the rules and procedures for collective decision-making and management of the network, such as proposal submission, voting, delegation, and execution.
  • Resource allocation processes: Alpha Dune DAO determines and allocates the resources and funds for the development and growth of the network and the ecosystem, such as tokenomics, treasury, and budget.
  • Grant Programs: Alpha Dune DAO administers and supports the Alpha Dune DAO Grants Program, which provides funding and assistance to web3 gaming and finance projects and startups that build on or integrate with the Alpha Dune Network.
  • Reward distribution mechanisms: Alpha Dune DAO designs and regulates the mechanisms for distributing in-game rewards and incentives to the players and users of the web3 gaming and finance applications on the Alpha Dune Network.

Available Resource Allocation

Alpha Dune DAO has allocated a percentage of the total supply of DUNE tokens for its scope. More details are available under $DUNE Token Information section.