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Contribute to the development and growth of Alpha Dune Network


Do you love blockchain technology, web3 gaming, and finance? Do you want to contribute to the development and growth of Alpha Dune Network, the gaming-focused chain powered by Arbitrum Nitro?
If yes, then you might be interested in becoming an Alpha Dune Guardian, a member of our community who plays a direct role in the success of our project.
The Alpha Dune Guardians program is a direct invitation to our community members to play a direct role in the growth and evolution of our project. As an Alpha Dune Guardian, you will have the opportunity to:
Learn and grow - You will learn new skills and knowledge, as well as gain valuable experience and exposure, by working closely with our team and other members.
Earn and reward -You will earn DUNE tokens, NFTs, and other rewards, as well as recognition and appreciation, by completing tasks and challenges, as well as providing feedback and suggestions.
Influence and shape - You will influence and shape the direction and vision of our project, as well as participate in governance and decision-making, by submitting proposals and voting on important issues.

Start Today

The Alpha Dune Guardians program is open to anyone who is passionate and committed to our project and ecosystem. We have different roles and responsibilities for different levels of involvement and expertise, such as:

Community Lead

As a Community Lead, you will spur conversations, answer questions, and foster a welcoming and engaging environment for all members. You will also moderate and manage our Discord channel, as well as create and share content on our Twitter and Medium platforms. You will also organize and host events, such as AMAs, webinars, and meetups, to increase awareness and engagement of our project and ecosystem.

Ticket Support

As a Ticket Support, you will ensure that all our community members’ queries and issues are promptly addressed. You will also provide technical and customer support, as well as troubleshoot and resolve problems, using our ticketing tools. You will also collect and analyze feedback and data, as well as report and escalate issues, to improve our products and services.

KOL Specialist

As a KOL Specialist, you will be an influencer or have relationships with influencers and live streamers that can showcase and present our project and dapps. You will also create and distribute engaging and informative content, such as videos, podcasts, blogs, and newsletters, to reach and attract new audiences and users. You will also collaborate and network with other KOLs and media outlets, to increase the visibility and reputation of our project and ecosystem.


As a Tester, you will be the quality check of our project. You will also be an avid player of our games and dapps, such as Dune Crown, Dune Legends, and Dune Arena. You will also test and evaluate our products and features, before they go live, using our tools and feedback platforms. You will also provide constructive and honest feedback and suggestions, as well as report and document bugs and errors, to improve our products and features.

Governance Guardian

As a Governance Guardian, you will submit proposals and make sure that the governance process runs smoothly. You will also research and analyze important issues and topics, such as tokenomics, roadmap, partnerships, and more, to create and submit proposals on our [snapshot] or [aragon] platforms. You will also vote and comment on other proposals, as well as communicate and educate other members, to ensure a fair and transparent governance process.

How to Apply

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    Please allow for up to 5 business days for our team to evaluate your submission. If your application is a good fit for us, we will reach out to you on Discord and Telegram.
The Alpha Dune Guardians program is more than just a program, it is a mission and a vision.
We are passionate about blockchain technology, web3 gaming, and finance, and we believe that we can create the ultimate gaming chain for web3 gaming applications.
We are looking for talented and visionary community members who share our passion and vision, and who want to become a part of our project and ecosystem. We invite you to join our Alpha Dune Guardians program and be part of our journey to create the ultimate gaming chain for web3 gaming.