Alpha Dune

Proposal Process

There are four main categories an ADP (Alpha Dune Proposal) can fall under: Core, Process, Informational and Ecosystem Fund Allocation.
Core Proposals - Proposals for making decisions on technical product features, design improvements or partnerships.
Core proposals have two main subcategories:
  • Product Development - Everything related to a technical implementation fall here: Feature development, smart contract, UI/UX improvement.
  • Brand Decisions - Proposals related to partnerships, contests and other brand decisions.
Process Proposals - Proposals for making a change to a process or implementation. Examples include procedures, guidelines, changes to the decision-making process, and changes to the tools or environment of the DAO.
Informational Proposals - Proposals for general guidelines or information for the community.
Ecosystem Fund Allocation - Proposals for how DAO funds should be utilised.


  • One proposal can have multiple categories that it can fall under.
  • It is important for proposals that have costs attached to them to have a detailed description on the necessary fund allocation.