Alpha Dune

Brand Engagement & Growth

Our vision for the future

Alpha Dune Brand

Alpha Dune is the ecosystem hub where entertainment meets finance.
At Alpha Dune, our main aim is to create a fully integrated and interoperable ecosystem of projects where our members can combine quality entertainment with financial products that are fully decentralized.
Our vision for the future is a self sustaining community that incentivizes growth through amazing products that people love. We view the $DUNE token as a tool to augment the growth of our ecosystem in a sustainable and positive way.

The four main growth pillars for our ecosystem are:


  • Referral marketing integration throughout our entire product line.
  • Paid ads with Bitmedia, Reddit Ads, Twitter etc
  • Get new users from bespoke partnerships where we create custom skins and arenas on Houndrace and NFT integrations on Stater for our partners.
  • Influencer marketing campaign with reviews, updates and live streams.
  • PR campaigns for major updates.


  • Onboard new users in our Discord community.
  • Create attractive mission where users can earn extra by completing the challenge.
  • Monthly tournaments with prizes for the top users.
  • Leveling and gamification features where we reward the most active users.
  • Giveaways for our community.


  • Staking solutions for our liquidity providers, NFT owners and token holders.
  • A short animated series with multiple episodes and seasons where we focus on building a captivating story for our Houndrace audience.


  • Special skins, arenas and other NFT drops that we are doing in collaboration with other artists or projects.
  • Branded hoodies, t-shirts and other items available for purchase to our community.
  • A new line of special Houndrace themed toys available for purchase to our community.
  • PFP NFT collection for Houndrace with limited supply.
  • Alpha Dune pass NFT that can be used for discounts and perks on our entire line of products.
  • New line of branded hypercasual games with web3 utility for our community.
  • Real world gatherings and events where we interact with our community.

Product Development

Besides the current products and features that we offer, our plan is to build new features for the current dapps together with our community and also increase our portfolio by either building or acquiring new dapps for the Alpha Dune ecosystem.